100% Handmade in Germany

The controlled production of the maicat®- active ingredient and the maicat®- limescale protection devices takes place in Germany. The manufacturing plant is certified as quality management system according to CERT DIN EN ISO 9001-2015, certificate no. SQ-9001CU0096 of DVGW Cert. The entire production and application is based on an experience of over 20 years and a continuous improvement process.


The exact composition of our natural maicat® active ingredient granules is a well-kept secret. We can only reveal this much: The production of the maicat® active ingredient is based on a specially developed, tried-and-tested and carefully elaborated recipe and our extensive production experience of now more than 10 years. We once started as a small business and have developed carefully and with the necessary portion of luck: a natural growth process, not unlike that of crystals – an almost fateful coincidence.

What we guarantee to our customers, then as now: Our granulates are 100% handmade! While it was once the inventor of the active ingredient who mixed the individual ingredients by hand, tested temperatures and sometimes stirred for hours to determine all the sensitive parameters necessary to produce the optimal granulate, today Wiebke Schwarting and her dedicated team still personally accompany every step of the creation process.

Our environmental awareness extends not only to the maicat® active principle, but also to our production. This takes place with virtually no generation of residual waste. The surplus of rinsed lime residues and other mineral raw materials is fed as recyclable material to a local composting plant via the company REMONDIS. There, acidic production residues from biogas plants (corn) are neutralized in pH value by adding our minerals. They can then be added to the agricultural soil as valuable compost/fertilizer and used as a natural raw material. We generate the process heat for our production in a CO² -neutral way by means of solar collectors on the production building and buffer tanks. We purchase electricity and gas from LichtBlick, 100% green electricity from German hydropower, and all emissions resulting from the production of LichtBlick gas are fully compensated by climate protection projects.


Not only the maicat® active ingredient is produced in our company, but also the corresponding devices and accessories. And here, too, the same applies: everything is produced on site in 100% manual labor by our trained specialist personnel.

The maicat® limescale protection devices are available in different sizes. However, we do not fall back on a large warehouse for the production, because all devices are configured individually according to your wishes and needs as well as manufactured “just in time” as required. To customize a device to your household or construction project, all we need is your average water consumption and the water quality available to you on site.

How you would like your limescale protection device to look is entirely up to your personal taste: the cladding can be printed as desired. On the other hand, you hardly have to worry about another important point – maintenance. Because our system is absolutely low-maintenance: Replacing the maicat® granulate in the devices is usually only necessary every 5 to 7 years with little effort.

All components of the devices in our range meet the requirements of the new DIN EN 1988 – 200 (2012) and are suitable for use in drinking water installations. They thus comply with the requirements of the Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP).