The maicat® limescale protection devices work according to the principle of seed crystal formation. Lime dissolved in water can be crystallized naturally without the addition of salt or electricity.


The protective effect of the maicat® granulate is achieved in the maicat® limescale protection device by the generation of microscopically small seed crystals, to which the hardness formers preferentially attach themselves when the lime-carbonic acid equilibrium is adjusted. The hardness formers remain in the drinking water, softening of the water with the maicat® limescale protection device almost does not take place. All components of the devices in our range meet the requirements of the new DIN EN 1988 – 200 (2012) and are suitable for use in drinking water installations.  They comply with the requirements of the Generally Recognized Codes of Practice.

Limescale protection devices can be used to effectively reduce stone formation in drinking water installations. In contrast to softening and dosing, this treatment method does not add substances to or remove ingredients from the drinking water. In practice, it is observed that the seed crystals formed by the maicat® limescale protection bind the old calcifications in a gentle process in the boundary layer and carry them along in the water. This makes it possible to renovate old installations and boilers over a period of 5 to 6 months. We constantly and promptly control our ongoing production of the maicat® active ingredient and the maicat® limescale protection devices on a random basis with the ongoing tests in accordance with W 512 and W 510.

Assembly instructions

Do it yourself!


Backwash filters

These filters, also called ultra-fine filters, are installed in the house connection room between the water meter and the pressure reducer.

Three-way valve

The connection blocks are made from a high-quality proprietary casting.

Armored tubes

The armored tubes are available in different lengths and connection dimensions.


How you want to visually design your limescale protection device is entirely up to your personal taste.